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“Laying the foundation for a happier, healthier life”

  • Start Date: June 15th, 2012
  • End Date: August 31st, 2012
  • Duration: 78 days

The next 3 months are what I like to refer to as “laying the foundation” in my body transformation journey. Without a good strong foundation the structure you are building will eventually crumble and fall down. I am dedicated to making life-long healthy changes for my family and me. And in order to do that, I need to train my mind & body to automatically “do” healthy. Sounds pretty simple, huh?

I wrote down some of the things I want to work on during the next 3 months. As you will notice I have included some things that aren’t necessarily health related but more home/lifestyle/family related. That is because I feel that all areas of ones life directly effects the other areas. At least they do for me. I am emotionally and mentally affected by my environment. If I am surrounded by clutter and disorganization then that will effect my emotional and mental well-being in a negative way. And if that happens, chances are I wont feel much like eating right or working out.


  • Drink more water and less soda¬† (This has always been an issue for me since I have an unhealthy love affair with Dr. Pepper)
  • Start eating healthier (#1. Stop skipping meals #2. Stop snacking mindlessly through-out the day #3. Don’t eat past a certain time in the evening)
  • Start working out consistently to build up strength and cardio endurance (#1. Start the Rip:60 workout system #2. Start using my rowing and elliptical machines (obviously not at the same time, lol) #3. Put my Zumba workout DVD’s and Wii Fit to good use)


  • Train myself to get up at a decent time in the mornings so I can get my day started (Summer ALWAYS messes up my sleep/wake schedules)
  • Start planning out meals with the kids (they might actually eat what I cook if they have a part in the planning and prepping stage… I can only hope)
  • Organize my house: Find a home for everything or get rid of it (this has always been one of my biggest challenges in life. I am extremely organized but lack the discipline to follow thru with the systems I set up. So everything usually ends up in boxes and bins, underneath the beds or in the closets. My mom has said more then once, “For someone who is so organized, you sure are messy.”¬† By the end of the summer, all of that will change.)
  • Continue to build my AVON business so that I have repeat sales every month (As a single mother, having a steady income is EXTREMELY important, lol)
  • Start working on my mini-projects around the home and start doing arts & crafts with the kids (It is important to me to be more active and involved with my kids. Being overwhelmed by the symptoms of my Narcolepsy and the stress of raising children, it is easy for me to forget that there is more to being a family then just making sure the kids are fed and bathed.)

I definitely feel that these are some really good places to start building my foundation for a happier, healthier life. I know that it will take some time before both myself and the kids get used the changes around here. Especially since we are all pretty set in our ways, lol. But these are positive changes so it will all be worth it in the end. Let the journey begin :0


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I know the last thing everyone is thinking about in June is shopping for Christmas. After all it’s summer time with the bathing suits, BBQ’s, flip-flops and sun burns! There are the bon fires, lighting bugs and pool side festivities. So why on earth am I bringing up Christmas shopping?! It’s simple. Year after year, I vow that that year will be different; that I will save up enough money and buy something for everyone. I start making my list of all the people I want to give a gift to: the teachers that put up with my kids all year, my parents for putting up with me, my aunts and uncles that I’ve never been able to buy anything for. Then there’s my Brother and cousins, and kids of my cousins…. You get the point, lol! But as my luck would have it, every year I find myself completely broke and unable to get anything for anyone. Just the other day, I was at Wal-mart and I saw the most perfect gift for my Brother. It was as if God himself put it on the shelf just for Shawn! I make the mental note to make sure I get that for him come Christmas time. Then it hit me, “why not get it now, so I’ll definitely have it for Christmas?” That started the wheels in my head turning (which could actually be a lengthy ordeal, lol), “I should start getting gifts for people now so I don’t find myself getting overwhelmed come Christmas time. I’M A GENIUS!!” (I actually say that to myself, lol)
So here is the plan of action I feel is reasonable that EVERYONE (even me) can pull off, without having to take out a 2nd mortgage on your house.

  1. Make a list of everyone you want to buy for and then break them up into categories: Family, friends, teachers (obviously if you start doing this in June or July, school will be out for summer. But it’s a given your kids will have teachers when school starts back up) & so on.
  2. Put a price cap on all gifts AND STICK TO IT (there really is no point in doing this if you are not going to stick to the budget you set in place for yourself.)
  3. Go over your budget and set aside a fixed weekly or monthly amount that you can safely spend for gifts. If you can only afford 20.00 a month then only spend 20.00.
  4. Keep your list and gift money on you so when you are out and come across the perfect gift for someone on your list, you can get it & cross that person off of your list.

Keep doing this for the next several months and you will have all of your Christmas shopping done before anyone else even had a chance to start. This is also a great for the kids to do as well. It will help teach them about the value of money and budgeting.

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