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I am hoping that everyone had a great 4th of July holiday with their family, friends and neighbors. The kids and I had fun decorating the front porch earlier in the week and then fireworks with my parents on the 4th.  The good news is, we got the air conditioner situation figured out so now the kids and I have a/c. That is a massive, major plus especially during these heat wave… yuck. This heat can suck the life and motivation right out of the most determined person!

Even though, I am not making a lot of head way physically, I am learning a lot about myself as a person, woman and mother. For starters, I give up way too easily, lol! One of the ways I have been trying to overcome that flaw, is to push thru what ever it is I am feeling. If the kids are fighting, the baby is crying, the house is trashed and I have a headache, it is a lot easier to sit on the couch and watch the Law & Order marathon then it is to push thru the headache, discipline the kids, console the baby and clean the house. And after a full day of letting my family and myself down, the last thing I want to do is hop on that elliptical trainer and work out for an hour. It is just a good old fashioned ‘domino effect.’ I am my own worst enemy. One of the things I have to constantly remind myself is, Things are not going to change over night. Nor are they going to change within the first week. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone that I am a very impatient person. I guess that is another flaw I need to work on, lol! However, I refuse to quit and know that everything is going to fall into place, in due time.

I am very excited to announce that my 18 month old daughter, Faith, has finally taken her first steps. She was diagnosed with a genetic deformity called Chromosome 15q Duplication Syndrome (or Dup 15q for short) which has caused delays in her fine/gross motor skills among other developmental milestones (speech being one of them). One June 25th, while in Occupational Therapy, she took her first steps!! It was definitely a time for some serious celebration! I don’t think I could have posted it to Facebook fast enough, lol! When a couple has a child with special needs, caring for them and all of their medical issues can get very overwhelming. All of that gets doubled when there is only one parent in the picture, which makes it easy to forget all the little things in life that makes life worth living. When I am at my wits end I have to force myself to stop and remember all things I am thankful for. I strongly suggest that everyone Keeps a little journal to write down everything you love and appreciate in life. Write in it everyday… It only takes a couple of minutes but the positive effects are endless.  When you are having a rough day or in an overwhelming situation, pull the journal out and skim through the pages. I promise, it will instantly lift your spirits.

The Little Things


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“Laying the foundation for a happier, healthier life”

  • Start Date: June 15th, 2012
  • End Date: August 31st, 2012
  • Duration: 78 days

The next 3 months are what I like to refer to as “laying the foundation” in my body transformation journey. Without a good strong foundation the structure you are building will eventually crumble and fall down. I am dedicated to making life-long healthy changes for my family and me. And in order to do that, I need to train my mind & body to automatically “do” healthy. Sounds pretty simple, huh?

I wrote down some of the things I want to work on during the next 3 months. As you will notice I have included some things that aren’t necessarily health related but more home/lifestyle/family related. That is because I feel that all areas of ones life directly effects the other areas. At least they do for me. I am emotionally and mentally affected by my environment. If I am surrounded by clutter and disorganization then that will effect my emotional and mental well-being in a negative way. And if that happens, chances are I wont feel much like eating right or working out.


  • Drink more water and less soda  (This has always been an issue for me since I have an unhealthy love affair with Dr. Pepper)
  • Start eating healthier (#1. Stop skipping meals #2. Stop snacking mindlessly through-out the day #3. Don’t eat past a certain time in the evening)
  • Start working out consistently to build up strength and cardio endurance (#1. Start the Rip:60 workout system #2. Start using my rowing and elliptical machines (obviously not at the same time, lol) #3. Put my Zumba workout DVD’s and Wii Fit to good use)


  • Train myself to get up at a decent time in the mornings so I can get my day started (Summer ALWAYS messes up my sleep/wake schedules)
  • Start planning out meals with the kids (they might actually eat what I cook if they have a part in the planning and prepping stage… I can only hope)
  • Organize my house: Find a home for everything or get rid of it (this has always been one of my biggest challenges in life. I am extremely organized but lack the discipline to follow thru with the systems I set up. So everything usually ends up in boxes and bins, underneath the beds or in the closets. My mom has said more then once, “For someone who is so organized, you sure are messy.”  By the end of the summer, all of that will change.)
  • Continue to build my AVON business so that I have repeat sales every month (As a single mother, having a steady income is EXTREMELY important, lol)
  • Start working on my mini-projects around the home and start doing arts & crafts with the kids (It is important to me to be more active and involved with my kids. Being overwhelmed by the symptoms of my Narcolepsy and the stress of raising children, it is easy for me to forget that there is more to being a family then just making sure the kids are fed and bathed.)

I definitely feel that these are some really good places to start building my foundation for a happier, healthier life. I know that it will take some time before both myself and the kids get used the changes around here. Especially since we are all pretty set in our ways, lol. But these are positive changes so it will all be worth it in the end. Let the journey begin :0

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Like most people out there,I  have struggled with weight, nutrition and healthy living. I know the older I get, the harder it will be for me to lose weight. I also know that if I can make the changes in my life to exercise and eat right, then ANYONE can. I challenge you to join me to reach your goals, what ever they may be. Do you want to lose weight, tone up, gain more flexibility, learn how to eat better, increase your energy & endurance levels? What ever your goal is, chances are, they are the same as mine. And if not, that’s fine too!

I am here to be completely honest about my weight loss journey and hold myself accountable for the choices I make. The reason I have failed time and time again, is because I never included anyone in what I was doing or the changes I was trying to make. The reason for that was so I didn’t have to deal with those people and their comments if I failed. I always went into my endeavor with blinders on, never taking my measurement and DEFINITELY not taking ‘before’ photos. I didn’t want any documentation that I was ever as big as I was! Like, if I ever got skinny I would be able to hide the fact that I was ever fat!

The reason this time is going to be different and I am going to succeed is because:

  1. There is no other option! Its that simple!!!
  2. I’m telling everyone in my life (and obviously on the Internet) about my plans to lose weight and get healthy. There will be no more hiding behind the curtain of shame.
  3. I have taken all of my measurements (and even added my own to the list), did a basic physical assessment & ACTUALLY took my “before” pictures. I keep all of that information accessible so that I see it everyday. It only motivates me to want to change those numbers and images into something that I can be proud of. This is it… I’M DONE BEING FAT.

I am going to make a very bold gesture, just to prove to myself how serious I am about getting healthy. I will post my “before” pictures and measurements for all to see, in the hopes that they will motivate others to make healthy lifestyle changes. I want people to see that I am a real person, with real struggles and body image issues… Just like you. Once a month, I will redo my measurements and assessment and post how I am doing. I will also post tips, advice and updates along the way to also help you. I encourage anyone and everyone to join me in the decision to live a healthier life. So, who’s up for a challenge?

**Please note that I am NOT a licensed nutritionist, medical doctor or fitness trainer. Any and all health related posts are from my personal experience, and nothing more then my opinions. What works for me, may not work for you. Before starting any exercise or diet regiment please consult with your doctor and discuss any and all health related concerns you may have.**

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